Playground Sanitation

Keeping Our Children Clean & Safe While They Play
Carlson Precision Pressure Washing Services offer a safe and effective cleaning method to remove the contaminants and sanitize the playground equipment at your home, day care, and public park in Pearland. Play grounds are the #1 breeding ground for germs.  Carlson Percision Pressure Washing are able to restore and sanitize playground equipment using our  Soft Wash method . We apply a biodegradable chemical solution that will not only kill germs, but also remove mold, mildew, and algae form the surface of all equipment.  Making for a safe clean place for our children to grow and play.
The Dirty Facts about Playgrounds
When thinking of unsanitary places public restrooms, port-o-potties, and high traffic public areas come to mind. You would never think of play grounds being the #1 highly contaminated public places you and your children will visit. At Carlson Precision Pressure Washing we take playground very cleaning seriously as we have two young children of our own. The safety and wellbeing of children is our number one priority.